Milkweed Inn FAQ

How do I get there?

We are between Munising and Nahma Townships in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Before your visit we will send proper and reliable directions to the cabin via snail mail. In the meantime, things to think about… Airports: Marquette Sawyer Airport is a 2 hour drive. Delta County Airport is a 1 hour drive, but very small. Green Bay, Wisconsin is three hours. We are 6 hours from Chicago and 6 hours from Detroit. If you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, you will get to our cabin without a problem. Rent one if it’s an option. For smaller cars, we have a carpool pick-up outside of the woods at 5pm on Friday. We will get you and bring you to the inn, and return you to your car on Sunday morning.

What is glamping at the Milkweed Inn like?

Glamorous camping. This is rustic and cozy. While we will try and accommodate your creature comforts on all levels, we are not a luxury hotel or even a hotel for that matter. You will be eating, staying, seeing, sharing space with others including ourselves. This is our home away from home with some cool accommodations for you while we do what we do best - feed you and give you drinks. We expect you to respect our environment and leave your spaces as good as you found them.

What does the price include?

Accommodations, meals, beverages, tax and service fees.


Strongly discouraged.

When can I drink?

Drinks are offered with meals and pairings and after dinner drinks are included in the Saturday night tasting menu.

Can I smoke?

There will be an area to smoke. All butts will need to be in ashtray provided. You will be charged a fine of 5 dollars per cigarette butt we find. Please keep it clean.

What if I have mobility issues?

The main cabin is accessible by ramp. The rooms on the first floor are the Sky Room and the Deer Room, these are the suggested rooms for any guests with disabilities or aliments. The Wall Tent, Airstream, and Campfire Room all have stairs. The Wall Tent is up a steep hill. Our downstairs bathroom is ADA compliant, both toilet and shower. Please email us if you have any further questions on this matter.

Lights out?

Everything goes black at 1 am on Friday and Saturday. This is quiet time for everyone. You can retreat to your rooms, airstream, or wall-tent at that time and enjoy yourselves if you are night owls, but cannot be wandering the cabin, grounds or anything else.

Can we have three to a room?

Email us at to discuss. This is considered case by case.

Can I come alone?

Email us at to discuss. This is considered case by case.

Can I just come for dinner?

At this time we are a full-service Bed and Breakfast, we are not a restaurant with dining room or options to stop in for dinner or a lunch or breakfast.

Can I book individual days?

At this time, no.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?

No. There are a lot of options and ways to avoid something you cannot have.

Can I bring my pet?

This is considered case by case. We will have our three dogs hanging around since it’s our living quarters. It may be an option, it may not but send us and email and we can discuss.

What do the rooms look like?

If you are interested in the differences between each room, please visit our Instagram page. We have posted ‘highlights’ of each accommodation.